Bespoke cakes

HI all and Welcome to Scarlet Rose Cake designs. As many of you know we once went by a different name "Sweet Tooth Creations". 
As we have grown and expanded our knowledge and what we offer we have now changed our brand to the gorgeous SCARLET ROSE CAKE DESIGN. We still offer all the great services and amazing products, me ... Candice.. well I'm still here yay! 
As this is a new still in the works process, we still have a few little creases to iron out. Our website is not 100% done yet but we hope you enjoy what is here and if you have any enquiries or questions please do not hesitate to contact me... yes the contact page is done... 
maybe :p 
Candice xx

Scarlet Rose Cake Design creates incredible pieces of edible art, our aim is to bring you a centrepiece that not only meets and goes above your expectations but also wows and thrills your guests. We pride ourselves on our scrumptious cakes that we dare you to have our famous red velvet cupcake and not get hooked!

Wedding Cakes.

We love being a part of your big day, creating a truly unique and bespoke cake design 

that not only matches your personality but also fits into your wedding and decor.

Here in the Scarlet Rose headquarters we work closely with you to come up a design that 

sets your heart on fire and wows all your guests. Working with the highest quality 

ingredients your cake is sure to impress even the fussiest guests!

In addition to our custom made creations we also offer a standard range, these are more 

affordable but have no less extravagance! No different ingredients are used, no less time or love.

Fresh flowers are a favourite of ours, we love working with them. whether Scarlet Rose supplies

these or you have a florist you prefer supply them we will prep and place these all on your cake for you.

Cake tasting are available every quarter so book one in now! You won't be let down. 

Birthday Cakes.

Its your birrrrrrrrrthdayyyyyy!! Always the best day of the year.. besides christmas.. and easter.. and any day cake is involved. Okay so its ONE of the best days, how better to celebrate than with a birthday cake, every celebration has one and should have one in my opinion! We arrive at a wedding reception what do we look for? open bar signs?? and cake!! Its the same with birthdays maybe minus the open bar. Some of us even go to the birthday party just to get a piece of cake, not me, only because I'm the one bringing it!
We all want it, even the "healthy" ones but shhhhh. 
Scarlet Rose Cake Design is here to provide you with a not only visual delight but hot damn it tastes scrumptious too!! Don't believe me, read our reviews. We spent years perfecting our recipes before we even thought about the outside design. Our cakes are world class, we use the highest quality ingredients, love, and a little bit of pixie dust. 

Order one today and you will yourself see why hundreds of customers order multiple times a year.



Coming Soon.

Cake Flavours.

Scarlet Rose Specialty:

Tuxedo - Rich dark chocolate mud cake layers alternating with vanilla bean cake. Filled with vanilla bean buttercream. 

Blue lemon dream - Moist vanilla Bean cake filled with fresh blueberries and sweet home made lemon curd. 

Party Pinata - Velvety vanilla bean cake layers with a smooth vanilla bean buttercream. Then filled with lollies and chocolates, when the cake is cut they all come falling out. 

Red velvet bliss - Our famous oh so moist and tasty red velvet cake teamed with cream cheese infused buttercream, it's absolute bliss. 

Cookies n cream - Rich dark chocolate cake with a layer of Oreo cookie. Then filled with cookies n cream buttercream. 

Salted caramel bliss - Caramel mud cake filled with our home made caramel sauce teamed with a creamy vanilla bean buttercream. 

Raspberry lemoniss bliss - A tart lemon cake filled with fresh raspberries and a creamy vanilla bean buttercream.

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